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We have added a complete line of Baby Doll kits, armatures and an educational DVD to assist you in sculpting a baby. We have produced posable armatures for the arms, hands, legs and feet for the new Premie size baby doll. You will find everything it takes to make baby dolls from miniature scale to life size. You may also wish to check the seminar schedule and see if there is a "Baby Doll" seminar in your area. By the way, the sample doll shown was made by Cathy Rowland, it was the first half scale baby made with our new kit.

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MiniBaby body stockings for a 7 inch baby.  This is the one use in our new Kellie Beckett MiniBaby DVD.


Premie size, 10-11 inches.  


The large size body fits a life scale baby.



Clay Color:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:

The Half Scale Baby Doll Kit is the one used in filming the Half Scale Baby DVD.  It has been specially designed to facilitate a professional looking and well proportioned doll in the hands of every experience level from beginner to professional.  The best way to learn is using the kit and the film together.  The kit makes an 11 inch doll and includes:


-Half scale baby armatures: head, hands, and feet

-Half scale baby stocking

-Prosculpt Baby or Ethnic Color Clay

-Eyes and Mohair Wig: color of your choice (just select desired color when ordering)

-Stainless Steel Sculpting tool

Clay Color:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:

Hair Color:




Clay Color:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:

Hair Color:

The Life Scale Baby Doll Kit includes:


-Mohair wig

-Head armature

-22 mm glass eyes

-Body stocking

-Three bars of ProSculpt Baby or Ethnic Brown

-Sculpting tool


The new Life Scale Baby Doll stocking is the latest in body armatures. It is made of Doe-suede. It comes with nylon ties to attach the body parts. This is the perfect body to fit the new life-scale head armature. Just stuff it and tie on the body parts. Ready to dress in less than five minutes. The body is designed to fit 3/4 arms and legs. This finished baby will be 22 inches long.  The kit is discounted 35% over purchasing one piece at a time.

Clay Color:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:

The Life Scale Baby Kit includes the following:


Head Armature

22 mm eyes

3 bars of Baby ProSculpt clay

Stainless Sculpting Tool

Doe Suede Body Stocking

Eye Color:

Includes ProSculpt, head armature, glass eyes, body stocking, lock of alpaca hair. These are the supplies you need to make an 8 inch minibaby. It does not include the DVD or wig. 


Mini Baby doll making advanced kit.  This kit includes everything you need to make a OOAK minibaby, including the DVD.


This is the vinyl kit of Baby Paisley that we used in filming "Making Reborn Baby Dolls". This baby was sculpted by Denise Pratt and is becoming one of her most desirable kits. It includes the head, arms, and legs.  We also include a DVD showing how to make Paisley. The eyes, body and mohair are sold separately. 


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