Which ProSculpt color is your favorite?

ProSculpt comes in two colors, plus translucent white, with discounts on volume purchases. The professional's choice for sculpting one-of-a-kind artdolls.

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Each 1 pound bar of ProSculpt® clay contains enough clay to make two 18" dolls.


The following volume discounts are available.
Quantity 6 12 24

Unit Price $16.15 $14.36 $12.56

Discount 10% 20% 30%

Clay Color:

We offer ProSculpt Translucent White in a 2 oz. bar. Translucent is used for teeth and fingernails, you can also mix it with other colors to make them more translucent.


Because of the quality of ProSculpt clay, in most cases this diluent is unnecessary. However, it can come in handy if you need to smooth the surface of your subject before you put it in the oven.


Prop-it-up is a material made Silicon to place in the bottom of your oven.  You place the polymer clay scupture pieces on the prop to hold it while it cures in the oven.  One blanket of prop should last you for years.  Each blanket may be moved around to prop up your sculpture. It will withstand temperatures up to 2,400 degrees.   


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