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Making Artdoll Heads and Bodies (New 2 Disc Bonus Set)

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The most noteable feature of an artdoll is the head.  From working the clay to painting in skin tones, Master doll maker & instructor Jack Johnston will guide you through the art of sculpting your own artdoll head.  Jack will walk you through each step, sculpting life into your doll with natural facial features, wrinkles, and expressions.  Stitching the artdoll body with correct proportions, detail, and shape is also key in making a fantastic doll.  Also included is the Making Artdoll Bodies DVD in which Jack demonstrates the shaping of the premade body stocking and assembly with the body armature.  This DVD set is the begining of your next outstanding artdoll.



-Making Artdolls Heads with Jack Johnston

-Making Artdoll Bodies with Jack Johnston

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