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Reborn Baby doll kit by Denise Pratt

Denise Pratt is a long time friend of Jack's.  Jack has watched her grow from a very capable artist to a world class sculptor.  He fell in love with "Paisley" when he first saw the prototype.  Paisley was the baby that we used when we filmed "Making Reborn Dolls".  It has now been made into a limited edition vinyl to become a reborn baby.  Johnston Original Artdolls has agreed to bring this limited edition kit to our friends in the reborn world.  We've included in the kit, the head, hands, legs, body and a how-to-make  Reborn Dolls in DVD by Denise Pratt showing how to make Paisley.  The total value of this kit is $119.95.  It is on sale for a limited time at $39.95.  You will receive the entire kit and the use of the toll free line to ask Jack any technical questions you may have. Made from Extra Soft Skin(tm) Vinyl, in a Peach color! 20 inches long, includes vinyl head, 3/4 length vinyl legs, and 3/4 length vinyl arms, soft Doe Skin body, and a DVD showing how to make a Reborn doll with Denise Pratt. 

$119.95 $39.95
You save: $80.00 (67%)
In stock: yes
Weight: 5 lbs

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